History of Gladwin County Economic Development Corporation

Gladwin County officially creates a State of Michigan recognized Economic Development Corporation. A unique and pioneering partnership was then formed between the Gladwin County EDC and Michigan Works Region 7B which has since be implemented across the region. A director, sharing time between Economic Development, Workforce Development and Business Services allowed for both entities to provided full time services to business in Gladwin County. The Gladwin Count Commissioners soon delegated the EDC to serve as the Brownfield Redevelopment Authority. Following that, with assistance from USDA, Gladwin County EDC established a Revolving Loan Fund to assist local businesses with starting or expanding.

Middle Michigan Development Corporation (MMDC) has formally entered into a contractual agreement with Gladwin County. This contract will allow MMDC to provide economic development services on behalf of the County and will expand its coverage area beyond its current oversight for Clare, Isabella, and Osceola Counties.

“This is a great opportunity to provide economic development services to Gladwin County in coordination with our other activities across Middle Michigan,” stated Jim McBryde, President and CEO of Middle Michigan Development Corporation. “We look forward to serving another rural county and connecting with valuable resources to create a more resilient environment for the communities and the residents located across our growing service area.”

MMDC has worked closely with Gladwin County’s team of economic leaders for many years. After Bob Balzer left the role as EDC Director for Gladwin County, in 2021, the County began contemplating a different structure. Matt Lang, the current Director of the Gladwin County Economic Development Corporation, will spread his time between supporting Michigan Works! 7B and being the boots on the ground for Gladwin County economic development efforts.

“This feels like a natural evolution for our County,” notes Scott Govitz, Chairman of the GC EDC. “Not only does this maintain a clear point of contact for economic development work—someone who lives and works in Gladwin County—but it expands services through the added support of the entire MMDC team and puts us on the map with regional partners.”

Gladwin County, population just over 25,000, features over 20 major manufacturers, including Saint Gobain, Brown Machine, Roll-Rite and Loose Plastics, all of which will be important connection points for MMDC as it extends its services into the County. all of which will be important connection points for MMDC as it extends its services into the County.

“Economic Development isn’t constrained by county lines,” explains McBryde. “At Middle Michigan Development Corporation, we’ve invested in rural communities for years. For our communities, economic growth and success have more to do with synergies that emerge from collaborations and shared support than from isolation or exclusion. By expanding our reach into new rural areas, we will be better equipped to support every community within our Middle Michigan service area.”